Approved by the Ministry of Transport in accordance with ADR regulations, capacity from 380L to 910K. Horizontal (mod. 380-620-910) or vertical (mod. 250-450) cylindrical axis tanks, mounted inside a metal structure for impact and anti-roll protection. At the end of the welding phase, the tanks are subjected to sandblasting treatment and then painted. The painting process requires that the tanks are covered with synthetic resin-based paint powder, which adheres to the metal surface by electrostatic effect; subsequently they are passed in an oven where, due to the temperature, the paint first melts and then polymerises, thus creating an adherent and resistant layer.
The 620 and 910 models are also equipped with internal breakwater bulkheads.
300 mm diameter upper hatch, watertight with 10 mm thick plate and counterflange, bolts and gasket for fuels. Ball valve on suction stub, equipped with lever device to prevent accidental opening. Lifting plates balanced from above, even when fully loaded. Side openings for forklift forks and holes for possible anchoring to the platform. Arrangement for earthing and equipotential bonding. The transportable tanks can be equipped with a dispensing unit contained in a powder coated metal cabinet, equipped with a key lock and set up according to the Customer’s needs.

Technical data and equipment:
The range consists of 5 basic models with a capacity of 250, 380, 450, 620 and 910 litres, can be equipped with a manual transfer unit (with rotary vane pump), with a 12v or 24v battery electric pump. Battery electric pump has a flow rate of 40l/min. (optional 60l/ min.) and is equipped with a built-in by-pass, connection cables with bipolar connector. Manual or automatic stop gun. 5m antistatic rubber hose, flow meter for non-commercial use (optional).



Polyethylene containers for the transport of diesel with total exemption according to ADR. Linear polyethylene transport tank, equipped with a new built-in lid that guarantees greater strength, portability and durability. The equipment includes: aluminium filler cap, safety valve, transfer unit, full lifting forks, empty lifting handles and housings for positioning the securing straps to the support base. All inserts are made of aluminium or material compatible with Diesel fuel.

Standard configuration:
12 or 24 Volt pump with 40 l/min. flow rate.
4 meters of flexible hose.
Automatic gun.
4 meters of electric cable and pliers for connection to the battery.

digital meter K24.


Nominal Capacity: 220l
Dimensions: 910x600x H665mm
Empty weight: 14Kg
Empty weight with pump group: 24Kg
Thickness: 5 mm
2” aluminium filler plug with safety valve
Suction filter

(Additional accessory) lid built into the structure and made with rotational moulding. Designed and manufactured to protect from atmospheric agents, UV rays and equipped with padlockable closing hooks.

Nominal Capacity: 330l
Dimensions: 1200x800x H650mm
Empty weight: 32Kg
Empty weight with pump group: 44Kg
Thickness: 6.5mm
2” aluminium filler plug with safety valve
Suction filter

Nominal Capacity: 440l
Dimensions: 200x800x H785mm
Empty weight: 340Kg
Empty weight with pump group: 52Kg
Thickness: 6.5mm
2” aluminium filler plug with safety valve
Suction filter


Transportable polyethylene tanks, with spray nozzle ideal for sanitizing and sanitizing environments, as well as spraying products in the agricultural sector.

The mobile tanks are equipped with diaphragm pumps with a continuous duty cycle and resistant to chemicals. The lance ensures precise delivery by acting on the adjustable nozzle that allows you to spray a single jet or to nebulize the product.

Available capacities: from 30 to 980 liters.